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18 May 2023 -
Dear Players, after today server save we have fixed issue...

Dear Players, after today server save we have fixed issue with raids of Shaburak Lord and Shaburak Prince on Evil Island.

6 May 2023 -
Dear Players, after today server save we have significantly...

Dear Players, after today server save we have significantly increased drop rate of herasilla leaves from Wild Herasilla.

2 May 2023 -
Dear Players, after today server save we have added...

Dear Players, after today server save we have added possibility to pay directly from bank system for backpack of runes via levers and payment for use Stamina Bears.

27 Apr 2023 -
Dear Players, after today server save, a traveler Diabolic...

Dear Players, after today server save, a traveler Diabolic Warrior has appeared to help you get to Evil Island. We have added scorpion tails into market because they was missing. The missions and accesses tabs on site have been separated for better page readability. Please update your client.

20 Apr 2023 -
Dear Players, after today server save we have checked...

Dear Players, after today server save we have checked reduced damage in the 'exori arrow' and corrected it because previously was more than -15%.

21.4.2023 -
Update #8
Author: GM Lucyfer

Dear Players

Thank you for a fascinating month of playing on our server. It has been a great success, and we are still not stopping and have prepared some new features for you. There will be the long-awaited Cursed Chests, which will cause a lot of problems for some people, but don't worry because the loot from these chests are unique, more information about this system can be found here. In the near future, a mysterious warrior will appear who has learnt all the riddles of a dark island undiscovered by mortals. He will certainly help you get to this island, but you will have to prove to him your courage, commitment and above all, your experience and teamwork skills. We therefore recommend that you complete as many missions, quests and also achievments available on the Shadow-Illusion as possible. Powerful equipment, interesting challenges, the opportunity to learn new spells and fearless opponents to defeat, among other things, will be waiting for you on the island. We wold like to inform that from today after Server Save until 24.04 you will receive a 25% bonus points for each payment.


Improved on Server:

  • Increased damage of exevo mas san and exevo mas holy by 15%,
  • Increased initial exp stages for new players till 400 level:
  1. 1-50 x8 -> x16
  2. 51 - 100 x6 -> x12
  3. 101 - 150 x4 -> x8
  4. 151- 225 x3 -> x6
  5. 226 - 300 x2 -> x4
  6. 301 - 400 x1 -> x2
  7. 401 - xxx x0.5
  • Inceased party shared experience bonus -> 3 different vocation 50% instead of 30% and 4 different vocation 130% instead of 100%,
  • Added more depot space at Crafting Area.

New on Server:

  • Unlocked Cursed Chest System - more about this system you can find here,
  • Unlocked monsters Dread Reaper and you can travel to them via Captain Dako at Reaper Square or Haunt Island,
  • Introduced Happy Hours of +25% experience everyday for 2 hours from 20:00 CEST to 22:00 CEST.

Thank You!

5.4.2023 -
Easter Events
Author: GM Lucyfer

Dear Players

Easter brings fun, Easter brings Happiness, Easter brings God’s endless blessings, Easter brings love and the freshness of spring. Happy Easter to you and your family! We have prepared some activities for you to do from 05.04 to 12.04.


What you can expect:

  • Collect two types of eggs from activity on server by killing selected monsters:
  1. Vampire Bride,
  2. Ancient Scarab,
  3. Frozen Dragon,
  4. Undead Dragon,
  5. Mummie,
  6. Flamingo,
  7. Ferumbras,
  8. Hellspawn,
  9. Grim Reaper,
  10. Demon,
  11. Gloomy Cook.
  • Fight against Houly Bosses(8 players get reward):
  1. Spring Chest - which is located to the north of Illusion City Depot,
  2. Easter Chest - which is located to the south of Dream Island Depot.
  • Fight against World Boss(10 players get reward):
  1. Silver Rabbit - which will spawned at south-west of Illusion City(Nightmarer spawn).
  • Protect illusion city from invasions:
  1. Green Easter Rabbit,
  2. Red Easter Rabbit.
  • Collect falling eggs on illusion city. There will be 2 falling, first with green easter egg and second one with red easter eggs,
  • Complete hourly missions at Easter Jason, which is located north-west of Illusion Temple.
  • You will be able to exchange the collected eggs for great prizes at NPC. Such NPC will be placed at sunday. 

Thank You!