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29 Feb 2024 -
Dear Players, we would like to announce with pleasure and...

Dear Players, we would like to announce with pleasure and invite you to the upcoming world of Shadow-Illusion, which will officially open on 14.03.2024 at 20:00 CET/16:00 GMT-3.

29.2.2024 -
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Author: GM Lucyfer

Dear Players

We would like to announce with pleasure and invite you to the upcoming world of Shadow-Illusion, which will officially open on 14.03.2024 at 20:00 CET/16:00 GMT-3. This edition of server grants for players a Real Money Prizes over 1500$. As main rewards we have prepare a Playstation 5 Slim & Ipad 10 Gen. We have made many good changes on the server, which will clearly affect your feelings and gameplay. Don't forget to follow us on Facebook & Discord where competitions will be waiting for you. Below you can take a look at the changes with the upcoming edition!

New on Server:

  • Guild Management - guild expansion system(developing permanent bonuses for guild members),
  • New monsters and hunting grounds for early & mid game,
  • New events,
  • New quests (for example quests for the evil amulet, evil ring, & evil bag),
  • New weapons named as Souls - strongest in the game,
  • Additional daily/weekly activities to earn premium points,
  • Party Scaling System - fine division of kills based on the number of players in the party - aimed at reducing the disparity between solo players and team hunts, more information in FAQ.

Main Gameplay Changes:

  • Expansion of the Enchant Equipment system along with the addition gemstone.
  • Reduction in the number of kills required to fight with Task Boss. Previously it was 1000-2000 kills, now it will be 1000-1500 kills,
  • Possibility to acquire items such as the Task Chestbox upon completing designated tasks,
  • Enhancement of the Daily Boss & World Boss system – defeating bosses will grant the best items in the game,
  • Rework of the Market system with the ability to sell items at a higher tier, easier item found and sales statistics,
  • Implement system for saving backpack after logout,
  • Daily boost for monsters has been divided in such a way that now one monster grants a Loot boost, and the other grants an XP boost,
  • Ability to allocate backpacks to specific items in AutoLoot,
  • Expansion of mining & fishing systems,
  • Merchant has been removed from the game and a new system has taken its place,
  • Significant improvement in event rewards, as well as the addition of events hours suitable for players from South America,
  • Improvement of missions, especially access to the Jungle and Sahara (access will become more enjoyable and approximately easier),
  • Optimization of missions related to Cursed Chests, Dark Monsters, & Dungeons,
  • Adding more enchant & character stats gems to the game also reduced prices for these gems on islands such as Ice, Jungle, and Sahara,
  • Reduction number of boosts available in the store. Previously there were 2 exp boosts and 2 loot boosts. Currently, it will be 1 exp boost and 1 loot boost,
  • Limitation of daily boost usage – boosts available from the store will change from 3x to 2x, and boosts available in-game will change from 2x to 1x.

Main Balance Changes:

  • Changes in Character Stats System – switching gems between categories, adding level requirement for a given category.
  • Attributes such as Increase Damage PVP and PVE no longer affect increasing damage from weapons, a separate attribute called as Weapon Damage (only available in the Character Stats System) has been created for this purpose,
  • Improvement of statistics in all items – balance between PVP and PVE items,
  • Setting all sets as PVE sets (the only exception will be the set obtainable as PVP - for Shadow Soil & INQ).
  • Changing the order of spells to obtain between spells at Adalbert's and spells obtainable from Dungeons,
  • Paladin - Significant reduction in damage from the spell Exevo Mas San in early-mid game, as well as reduction in damage from Exori Arrow in PVP at end game,
  • Knight - Increased damage for all PVE spells,
  • Sorcerer - Symbolic reduction in PVE damage and reduction the disparity in mana gain after using a manarunes compared to Druids,
  • Druid - Reduction in damage disparity compared to Sorcerer.

Thank You!