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It is a unique system that awards interesting rewards for proving yourself in the game, which are dependent on grade(difficulty). The higher the grade, the harder it is to achieve the achivement but with better reward. If you complete any 25 achievements then you receive a reward of 250 premium points. 


Emblem Description Grade
Become a premium player
Use certain amount of Illusion Nuggets
Visit paid hunting grounds several times
Complete all missions for Sweaty Cyclop
Make offers to Bounty Hunters list several times
Eat a large amount of Food
Play a large number of times on an Harp
Be online in the game for a more than 250 hours
Show what a handyman you are and use tools for several times
Die at least certain number of times
Buy blessings certain number of times in temple from blessed ankh
Redeem certain times experience by using Redemption Scrolls
Skin a certain number of monsters with a special knife
Cut down a certain number of trees with a special saw
Catch a certain number of normal fishes with a mechanical rod
Kill a certain number of players
Complete the daily tasks certain number of times
Craft items certain number of times
Complete Illusion Night Quest
Use a large amount all types of manarunes
Win a Poison Storm Event once time
Remove kills by using Frag Remover Fruit small amount times
Reach a 600 level
Win a Werewolf Event once time
Kill a large number of monsters
Catch a certain number of bigger fishes with a mechanical rod
Open certain time boxes in game
Sail by ship certain number of times
Craft items large number of times
Upgrade your equipment large number of times
Complete all quests for the NPC Gradon
Complete all quests for the NPC Wayfarer
Complete all quests for the NPC Frozen Angel
Complete Shadow Quest
Complete Evil Quest