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Blessing System

In the standard Player can buy seven blessings from NPCs, but if you have Blessing Permission you can buy seven blessings with one click in the temple. The last blessing is the eighth bless, which protects players from losing items and reduces even more lost XP and skills. At the bottom you will find information about death redemption.

Name of Bless


Where to get

The Wisdom of Solitude

lvl * stages


The Spiritual Shielding

lvl * stages


The Fire of the Suns

lvl * stages


The Embrace of Tibia

lvl * stages


The Spark of the Phoenix

lvl * stages

Kawill & Pydar

The Soul Sacrifice

lvl * stages


The Last Whisper

lvl * stages


Seven Bless

Access to seven bless can be obtained from our Store or after the 23th mission from Missioner. (cost are lvl * stages)

Eigthth Bless

To get eighth bless you need to have done Eight Bless Access or buy Eighth Bless Book from our store. It is also possible to receive all blessings instantly by using the Eight Bless Scroll from the Crafting System. Important thing is to have already bought seven blessings.(cost are lvl * stages)

Cost Stages

Costs Table
Items/NPC 1-200 level 201-350 level 351-500 level 501-xxx level
Each Bless NPC  lvl*60gp lvl*65gp lvl*72gp lvl*85gp
Temple Bless lvl*360gp lvl*395gp lvl*440gp lvl*500gp
Eighth Bless NPC lvl*70gp lvl*75gp lvl*80gp lvl*90gp
Eighth Bless Book lvl*45gp lvl*48gp lvl*52gp lvl*60gp
Death Redemption NPC lvl*380gp lvl*440gp lvl*530gp lvl*650gp
Death Redemption Scroll lvl*220gp lvl*260gp lvl*320gp lvl*410gp
Paid Spells day*(lvl*230gp) day*(lvl*270gp) day*(lvl*320gp) day*(lvl*380gp)

Death Redemption System

On server, Player has opportunity to purchase two types of death redemption. This system bring back lost experience after death.

The first way is to buy from the NPC after making an ACCESS on Dream Island and by such way you will bring back 30% of experience.

The second way is to purchase a scroll from the store which returns 60% of experience.