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Character Information
Name: Striksz
Sex: male
Profession: Demonic Sorcerer
Level: 760
Experience: 7273342144
Magic Level: 112
Residence: illusion
Balance: 91522704 Gold Coins.
Last login: May 17 2023, 20:10:30 CEST
Created: Mar 15 2023, 22:28:51 CEST
Account Status: Premium Account

Additional info
Cyclop mission progress:
20 / 30
Ice missions progress:
6 / 20
Jungle missions progress:
12 / 20
Pacc missions progress:
20 / 25
Desert missions progress:
30 / 30
Sahara missions progress:
6 / 25
Craft missions progress:
18 / 18
Beggar missions progress:
16 / 30
Evil missions progress:
0 / 14
Lava missions progress:
0 / 10
Quests progress:
22 / 63
Accesses progress:
10 / 14


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Beginner Quest
Knight Set
Boots of Haste
Dragon Lance
Crown Set
Little Annihilator
Demon Helmet
Royal Quest
Crossroads Weapon
Dodge&Critical Gem
Dodge&Critical Gem Premium
Dodge&Critical Gem Underworld
Magic Set
Pits Of Illusion
Upgrade Gem
Magic Ring
Gem Pouch
Tempest Shield
Pacc Scroll 3days
Strong Annihilator
Special Upgrade Gem
Protection Ring
Energy Weapon
Illusion Power Ring
Spiritual Wand and Arbalest
Star Amulet
Demonic Boots
Demonic Weapon
Demonic Helmet
Demonic Armor
Demonic Legs
Demonic Shields
Perfect Upgrade Gem
Illusion Boots
Illusion Night Quest
Shadow Weapon
Evil Weapon
Jungle Amulet
Jungle Ring
Skullcrasher Backpack & Sapphire Amulet
Squeezing Gear
Frozen Backpack
Sapphire Amulet
Sahara Backpack
Sahara Ring
Sahara Amulet
AutoLoot Slots
Advanced Present Box
Advanced Golden Key
Speed Gem
Death Redemption Scroll
Stamina Bear
Rune Healing Gem
Random Item Box
25 Premium Points
Advanced Upgrade Gem
Task Slot Tome
Gems Pouch
Dark Redemption Scroll
Critcial Spell Gem
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Bless Permission Access
Evil Runes Access
Ice Island Room Access
Sahara Island Access
Eight Bless Access
Merchant Access
Dream Island Access
Underworld Access
Demonic Access
Death Redemption Access
Crafting Access
Jungle Island Access
Evil Island Access
Ice Island Access
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fist fighting 25
club fighting 10
sword fighting 10
axe fighting 10
distance fighting 10
shielding 32
fishing 10
Additional Skills
critical 100
dodge 100
health regeneration 30
mana regeneration 100
health increase 1
mana increase 88
damage increase 50
experience gain 30
attack speed increase 30
protection elements 30
movement speed 26
healing rune increase 20
critical spell 40
loot increase 30
life leech amount 0
mana leech amount 5
leech chance 2

Character Deaths
11 May 2023, 03:12 Killed at level 752 by sand troll (soloed)
8 May 2023, 21:50 Killed at level 740 by defencer (soloed)
8 May 2023, 13:48 Killed at level 731 by undead dragon and by Dane Cook
6 May 2023, 03:33 Killed at level 729 by Mummie and by Ancient Mummie
27 Apr 2023, 19:25 Killed at level 671 by undead dragon and by Wiuzera Bandido

Account Information
Created: 5 April 2023, 11:27 pm

Name Level Status  
1. Strik 8 Druid
2. Strikinina 30 Sorcerer
3. Striksz 760 Demonic Sorcerer

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