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Cursed Chest

This is a proprietary system that allows players to acquire interesting items. At certain intervals, chests will appear on the map which, when clicked, will teleport player to a special room. The room will contain a Cursed Chest. Only one person can take part in fight with Cursed Chest. The player's task is to destroy the Cursed Chest. When the Chest is under attack will produce waves of monsters that must be killed. Once the chest has been destroyed, the reward will appear in body of chest. After end of fight, player has 60 seconds to take loot and next will be teleported to Temple. Occurrance indicates on which experience spots the chest can be found. Every hour there will be a main message that will inform all players what chests are currently alive.


List of existing Chests on server

# Chest Name Grade Occurance
Silver Chest Low
Mountain Chest Medium
Hellspawn/Grim Reaper/Nightmare
Stone Chest Medium
Deepling Warrior/Hellhound/Osiris
Bronze Chest Hard
Ferumbras/Dane Cook/Gloomy Cook
Fire Chest Low
Dragon/Dragon Lord/Demodras
Demon Chest Medium Demon/Demon Lord/Orshabaal
Disturbing Chest Hard Orshabaal/Hellfire Fighter/Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
Lava Chest Very-Hard Evil Island
Evil Chest Very-Hard Evil Island
Icy Chest Low Ice Witch/Frozen Dragon
Glacial Chest Medium Ice Spider/Ice Dragon/Ice Wyvern
Frozen Chest Hard Ice Behemoth/Ice Warrior Golem/Ice Wizard Golem
Grass Chest Low Hydra/Serpent Spawn/The Old Widow
Tiquanda Chest Low Medusa/Swamplore/Spectre
Forest Chest Medium Terror Bird/Flamingo/Lizard Spearman
Jungle Chest Hard Whole Jungle Island
Sand Chest Very-Hard Mummie/Undead Dragon/Ancient Mummie
Desert Chest Very-Hard Sand Troll/Desert Scarab/Royal Mummy
Sahara Chest Very-Hard Mysterious Spider/Cavebear/Scorpion King