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# Name Requirements Rewards Occurence
Poison Storm
Players must avoid the rain of poison,
After few waves the different will grow,
Only 1 player can win.
Min players: 2
Max players: 80
Min level: 1
5x 1x 5x
Everyday 19:00 CEST
Boss spawn south-west of Depot,
7 Players with most hit amount get reward.
Min level: 45
Chance for good items.
Tuesday 17:00 CEST
Thursday 17:00 CEST
Saturday 17:00 CEST
Shadow Rain
25x Premium Points randomly fall on main city ground,
Only 1x Premium Points per square,
This can fall even from Forest City to Djins.
Nothing - All players can participate.
Everyday 03:00 CEST
11:00 CEST
18:00 CEST
Red vs Blue
Players have 20 minutes of fight,
Team with the most amount of Kills will win,
All of Players in winner Team will get reward.
Min players: 8
Min level: 200
1x 3x
Tuesday 21:00 CEST
Wednesday 21:00 CEST
Friday 21:00 CEST
Saturday 21:00 CEST
Capture The Flag
Player must steal the flag from the opposing team and carry it back to his base,
Fight lasts until 5 flags are stolen or 20 minutes,
All of Players in winner Team will get reward.
Min players: 8
Min level: 200
1x 3x
Thursday 21:00 CEST
Sunday 21:00 CEST
Monster Hunt
You need to kill as many creatures as possible,
in 1 hour and after this you will gain a reward.
There will be 2 difficult level LOW/HIGH.
Nothing - all players can participate.
Lo2x/HI3x Lo3x/HI5x
Monday 11:00 CEST
Tuesday 01:00 CEST
Wednesday 20:00 CEST
Thursday 15:00 CEST
Friday 22:00 CEST
Saturday 20:00 CEST
Sunday 16:00 CEST
Player must run away from the Werewolfs so that they doesnt touch him,
Last player on the arena win.
Min players: 8
Max players: 40
5x 1x 5x
Everyday 12:00 CEST