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23 Nov 2022 -
Dear Players, today after server save we have removed force...

Dear Players, today after server save we have removed force disable of magic shield on pumpkin guardian ring after take off. Also we have improved command !stats and now there you have infomartions about all of stats.

21 Nov 2022 -
Dear Players, today after server save we have changed some...

Dear Players, today after server save we have changed some informations about characters at character market. Also we have fixed problem with display done quests like Dream Island, Underworld, Demonic, Ice Island, Jungle Island, Sahara and Death Redemption.

18 Nov 2022 -
Dear Players, today after server save we have fixed problem...

Dear Players, today after server save we have fixed problem with entry into Dragon Lords with PZ at PACC area and issue on Frozen Island boat.

15 Nov 2022 -
Dear Players, today after server save we have added new...

Dear Players, today after server save we have added new monster named as Dread Reaper and they are available only on two new islands: Reaper Square and Haunt Island at Captain Dako.

14 Nov 2022 -
Dear Players, today after server save we have added 2 more...

Dear Players, today after server save we have added 2 more slots in Drakenium Box. Thank you all for participating in Halloween and Happy Weekend events. NPC for pumpkin exchange will be active till 21.11 10:05 CEST.

11.11.2022 -
Happy Weekend
Author: GM Lucyfer

Dear Players

Thank you for the time that you spent with us. We hope that you enjoyed our Halloween Event as much as we enjoyed during planning this event for you. Our team is working hard and we would like to surprise you even more than before. On 11 of November we will introduce "Happy Weekend", which is a kind of summary of Halloween, as well as a special celebration of Independence by one of the European countries. Happy Weekend will start on 11 November after the server save 10:05 CEST to 14 November until the server save 10:05 CEST.


Happy Weekend benefits:

  • 25% exp bonus and 25% loot twice daily at CEST 11:00AM - 01:00PM as well as 07:00PM - 09:00PM,
  • 50% skill bonus all the time of happy weekend,
  • Payment bonus (up to 15%) for international payment methods: Paypal, Stripe and Tibia Coins.

New on server:

  • Added new function into Training-Assistance and now you can skill even on exit game client,
  • Autoloot now will loot items from every corpse at the same SQM,
  • Added on war maps additional reduction of movement speed.

Improved on server:

  • Removed possibility to digging scarab coins from desert,
  • Added possibility to melt more than 1 item at Blacksmith Adept,
  • Autoloot now will now display all looted items and add them up,
  • Fixed problem with interface when you have more than 0 left and 1 right panels and now next containers will be correctly displayed there,
  • Some monsters on the Sahara have been reworked. From now, they give more experience and are more balanced,
  • Added paid possibility from bank to travel with 'bring me to' into Dream Island,
  • Bullseye, Mastermind, Bersker potion no more can be used twice.

Summary from last few changelogs:

  • Increased success rate for cut wood and price for recharge of saw,
  • Added around 50 more trees for cut wood on map by saw,
  • Increased success rate for fishing wood by mechanical rod,
  • Added additional requirements of usage mechanical rod and can be used by done 10th mission at Willem The Beggar,
  • Reworked pumpkin magician ring and now working as elven ring, so you don't need more to make right click on it.

Thank You!

31.10.2022 -
Halloween Event!
Author: Bans


Sweet or treat? No thanks, let's play the game! We would like to invite you to have some fun with us. Crazy monsters or even more crazy events are waiting for you. Are you ready to protect a city against hordes of zombies? Ah, sorry, I meant against monsters? Only during this special event you can collect specific items and exchange them for UNIQUE ITEMS so that you won't have a chance to find them anymore in-game. Get ready, have a good SHADOWEEN!

Halloween shedule:

  • Added Hourly Missioner named as Dreadful - he is located on the west side of Illusion City. You can complete a missions with him every 6 hours to get pumpkinheads,
  • Added npc named as Dread Pumpkin - he is located near to the depot. When the time is right - you will be able to exchange pumpkinhead with him for wonderful items,
  • Added Hourly Boss named as The Mutated Pumpkin at FACC area,
  • Added Hourly Boss named as Pumpkin Collector at Dream Island,
  • Added World Boss named as Crookedhead which will spawn 2x per day:
    11:30 and 19:30 CEST,
  • Added Raids of Pumpkinheads on city which will spawn 8x per day:
    00:30, 03:30, 06:30, 09:30, 12:30, 15:30, 18:30 and 21:30 CEST,
  • Added pumpkins loot from some monsters:
  1. Vampire bride
  2. Demodras
  3. Daramit
  4. Demon Lord
  5. Grim Reaper
  6. Nightmare
  7. Hellspawn
  8. Ferumbras
  9. Undead Dragon
  10. Ice Dragon
  11. Ice Behemoth
  12. Jungle Fleshhunter
  13. Lizard Swordmaster
  14. Desert Scarab
  15. Mysterious Spider
  16. Cavebear
  • Added Dread Pumpkin its a NPCs which exchange items for pumpkins but he will talk with players soon,
  • More surprises will consistently be added such as Pumpkin War, Safezone, Special Dungeon and many many more...

New on server:

  • Added new spawn of Hellfire Fighter at Dream Island,
  • Added new spawn of Undead Dragons at Dream Island,
  • Added new spawn of Dragon Lords at PACC Area,
  • Added new spawn of Dane Cook at Demonic Island,
  • Added new spawn for team hunts of Grim Reaper, Hellspawn, Nightmare and Undead Dragon at Demonic Island,
  • Added Sahara Backpack into crafting as rare/epic/legend(available tomorrow),
  • Added Annihilation Fang into crafting as rare/epic/legend(available tomorrow).

Improved on server:

  • Implemented bring me to... in travelers NPCs,
  • Removed fire bomb spell from Mahmoud Ahmadinejad,
  • Highlighted Scorpion Tails in loot channel,
  • Increased statistics of Oriental Magician Set,
  • Increased statistics of Brave Warrior Set,
  • Increased statistics of Scorpion King Set,
  • Reworked spell 'exevo trap' and now catched player have only 1 sqm to escape,
  • Increased damage of 'exevo gran mas pox' for around 10%.


Summary from last few changelogs:

  • Added new category in battle list to hide/show warmode members,
  • Added 2 new floors in main depot,
  • Slightly increased attack from 'exori arrow' and 'exevo mas san',
  • Removed PZ zone at pyramid of Royal Mummy on Sahara,
  • Removed PZ zone from Jungle Quests,
  • Increased loot rate on sahara algae from hourly boss Bastet,
  • Increased duration of 'utito tempo' from 10 to 15 seconds,
  • Fixed problem with stack on Paid Spell Quest,
  • Added additional PZ zone before entry into Hourly Bosses Hydrate, Underworld Protector and Dane Junior,
  • At Tiquanda depot added a glowing switch squares.

Thank You!