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29.9.2023 -
After Start!
Author: GM Lucyfer

Dear Players

We have our first week passed since we started another season of Shadow Illusion. We are positively surprised by the activity of all of you. Last weekend, we hit more than 1,400 players online and we have very similar numbers of players online this week as well! We are glad that you enjoy all of our updates and we are doing all of that for all of you. Our priority is you. Our goal is to keep you happy, busy and with a smile on your face. Our team would like to say THANK YOU to everyone. It was a great week! In gratitude to all of you for your time spent with us, commitment, loyalty, ingenuity and everything you do for us, we have prepared some rewards. What rewards can you get? Brand New Xbox Series S, Nintendo Switch and real money! Everyone has a chance to win. For more information just check our page for contest. As always, we are open to any suggestions. Below you can find whats was changed in this week.


General Changes:

  • Changed required level for use strong manarune from 200 level to 150 level,
  • Nerfed damage and health in medium Dark Monsters by around 15%,
  • Nerfed loot of dark monsters from very-low grade monsters,
  • Changed 1 of 3 spells in Spectre from manadrain to lifedrain,
  • Increased healing from strong manarune, evil manarune and mystic manapotion by around 15%,
  • Increased damage from 'exevo gran mas vis' and 'exevo gran mas pox' by around 10%,
  • Increased damage scaling of 'exevo mas san' with character level, 
  • Decreased max character stats points for Knights in Protection Elements PVE from 40 to 30,
  • Added missing skills in characterlist at PHP,
  • Added information which gems stats have character on char market,
  • Added one more floor of depot at Dream Island,
  • Added additional depot at PACC area,
  • Turn on Daily Bosses.

Improved on Server:

  • Increased spawn time of Dark Monsters to 5 seconds,
  • Decreased cost of Common Stats Gem and Gem Pouch by 10PCS of boss herbs at Merlin,
  • Decreased cost of Improved Stats Gem by 4PCS of shadow soils at Captain Slayer,
  • Decreased damage of range attacks from medium/hard monsters group by 10% and increased this value into melee attacks,
  • Decreased cost of use character stats when applying points,
  • Decreased requirements of shadow soils to entry into Illusion Night Quest,
  • All of new stackable items like anchore, demonic essence has been coloured in loot channel,
  • Increased chance for get piece from mining and increased size of mine,
  • Increased chance for get rainbow trout and green perch from Mechanical Rod and Ruby Mechanical Rod,
  • Reduced requirements of rainbow trout and green perch in Willem The Beggar,
  • Reduced time of 1st dungeon from 3h to 2h. Reduced requirements of kill bosses at Chaos Keeper,
  • Added coloured loot for rope belt and horn,
  • Added missing protection PVP to might ring,
  • Added missing missions items into market like talons and horns,
  • Added information about type of Dark Monster before spawn,
  • Removed speed decrease on war maps,
  • Changed required level for entry into war maps,
  • Fixed problem with respawn stones at mining area,
  • Fixed problem with autoloot of new monsters on Mountain Island,
  • Fixed problem with kill count dungeon bosses at Chaos Missions,
  • Fixed problem with alana sio,
  • Fixed a problem with the visibility of received stats points for completing an achievement. Previously was required relog but now points are visible immediately,
  • Fixed problem with market fee visible.

Thank You!