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14.10.2023 -
Update #9
Author: GM Lucyfer

Dear Players

Due continue to you be very active, which makes us very happy. We would also like to remind you about the ongoing competition, which will end in a two weeks, and you will find information in the "real money prizes" section - there are some really great prizes to be won there. We encourage you to continue your activity, because we are preparing a few surprises for you, which in large part are connected with the fast approaching Halloween Event - in this event there will certainly be something for everyone and more information will appear soon. In order to meet the expectations of new players, as well as those who have a little less time for the game - from today, the exp stage has been increased by 50% till 500 lvl. Below you can find a summary of the recent period of changes and news.


New on server:

  • Bonus 50% experience up to 500 level,
  1. 1-50 x8 -> x12
  2. 51 - 100 x6 -> x9
  3. 101 - 150 x4 -> x6
  4. 151- 225 x3 -> x4.5
  5. 226 - 300 x2 -> x3
  6. 301 - 400 x1 -> x1.5
  7. 401 - 500  NEW -> x0.75
  8. 501 x0.5
  • New war Event for 4 teams which is called "Team Battle",
  • New room at Mountain Island where players will be able to buy bps of mystic potions,
  • Added purification gemstone to Merlin offerts,
  • Added downgrade gem into Merlin offerts,
  • Added new spell 'altrum tempo' to Chaos Keeper and reworked current spell 'utito tempo' that now can be used from 250 lvl without any access and quest but with lower bonus to skills than 'altrum tempo',
  • Added time quest at POI with reward of 10 shadow coins. Such quest can be done every 72h,
  • Added time quest at PACC Area with reward of 15 shadow coins. Such quest can be done every 72h,
  • Added NPC Mountain Explorer at Mountain Island with an extended offer,
  • Unlocked quest for Jungle Key at Jungle Island.

Improved on server:

  • Increased leech chance in every jungle item from 4% to 5%,
  • Increased experience in relation of health points in Defiler, Plaugesmith, Blightwalker, Destroyer, Dark Torturer and Lost Soul,
  • Decreased damage of Defiler, Plaugesmith, Blightwalker, Destroyer, Dark Torturer and Lost Soul,
  • Added to loot missing demonic essences in Dark Torturer, Lost Soul and Fury,
  • Added possibility to pay for !aol by a bank money,
  • Added possibility to pay for upgrade weapon by a bank money,
  • Fixed probable cause of problem on Frozen Chest - stucking issue,
  • Added damage reduction in PVP for spell 'exevo mas san' -2% damage per person, the maximum amount of DMG reduced is 30%,
  • Added additional information about Daily Boss spawn with 5 minutes notice,
  • Added information when the daily boss was killed,
  • Added search option on Shadopwedia in items section,
  • Extended information with an effect of Dark Monster type until monster spawn,
  • Fixed problem with visible attribute from enchant equipment in trade with other player,
  • Reduced time of Cursed Chest respawn from 6 to 4 minutes,
  • Reworked attributes of valarous ring and amulet from movement speed into mana leech and mana leech chance,
  • Improved chest opticompass. You wouldn't see notifications about them if any other player is in combat inside the chest.

Thank You!