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5.3.2023 -
Upcoming Start!
Author: GM Lucyfer

Dear Players

We would like to announce with pleasure and invite you to the newly upcoming world of Shadow-Illusion, which will officially open on 16.03.2023 at 18:00 CEST/13:00 GMT-3. There are a number of good changes on the server, which will clearly affect your gameplay, in a good way of course. New challenges such as Quests, Monsters, Missions, Islands and Dungeons are also waiting for you. There will also be a lot of fun in PVP, because we have done our best to balance the professions even more. Many new features that await you. As well as extensive changes to the mission systems, where players will have to demonstrate proper planning and choice of tasks. There will be no shortage of challenges and fun and you will enjoy every second playing Shadow-Illusion! We invite you to our Discord Server & Facebook Fanpage, where competitions will be waiting for you before the start! For more information, please follow our website and discord! You can already compete for free points before start by taking part in our Facebook event. You are welcome!

Game Features:

  • Mission System - Tackle the many challenges that system offers you, so you can get unique and unrepeatable rewards, as well as access to islands,
  • Cursed Chest - An original project where players will have the opportunity to acquire unique items in tough battles against crates that will surprise everyone,
  • Upgrade Items - This will allow player to increase level of their item, which will become more powerful,
  • Crafting - Create items at tiers such as rare, epic and legendary. Each item is distinguished by unique attributes. A new feature is that the player can now increase tier of their item, even if it is upgraded to +1, +2, +3, etc.,
  • Character Gems - Everyone can further upgrade their character with gems, which are used on the character and then have built-in stats such as increased protection or more dmg. New is that the amount of gems used has been balanced on the basis of vocations, and from now on each vocation has its own unique conversion rate of gems to use.
  • Boosted Creatures - During each server save, 2 monsters will be drawn which will additionally increase XP and Loot by +25%,
  • Dungeons - System where players can fight against other people to be the best Dungeon player in the server due score of Solo Runners and Group Runners. All of dungeons have 6 different difficulty and each higher difficulty give player more chance for get better rewards and additional bonus to experience,
  • Islands - New islands with unique challenges for players. Where you will meet new monsters, quests, challenges and missions,
  • Hourly Bosses - Fight bosses every hour and gain great items with which you can expand your character even further.
  • World Bosses - Powerful bosses that leave equally great rewards only for the most powerful players who are looking for unforgettable challenges,
  • Market ingame - Ability to trade in the game through the marketplace, which is a cluster of all items. This makes trading between players much easier,
  • Achivements - A new system by which players will be able to compete for first place as the highest adventurer,
  • Ticket System - Innovative ingame reporting system so that players will receive an answer to their problem in rapid time.


Thank You!