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29.3.2023 -
Update #6
Author: GM Lucyfer

Dear Players

Thank you for your activity, today we have prepared new daily activities for you, thanks to which you will be able to further strengthen your characters from time to time by doing daily/weekly quests. We have also reduced the abusiveness of some exp spots of monsters by changing the stacks from stairs to ladders. We invite you to our discord, where there is a every day lottery for free points.


Improved on Server:

  • Increased amount of back experience by 10% from Death Redemption Scroll,
  • Decreased cost of Death Redemption Scroll in store,
  • Decreased cost of Death Redemption Scroll for use,
  • Decreased cost of Dark Redemption Scroll for use,
  • Decreased cost of back experience from NPC Salves,
  • Increased amount of back experience by 5% from NPC Salves(death redemption),
  • Changed weight of giant sword from 180 to 120,
  • Decreased needed amount of giant sword to A Sweaty Cyclops from 20PCS to 15PCS,
  • Reworked every entrances to upper floors at Jungle Island,
  • Added missing task on Ice Wyverns.

New on Server:

  • Added Daily Gem Pouch quest at Underworld(can be re-done every 48h),
  • Added Weekly Golden Gem Pouch quest at Demonic(can be re-done every 72h),
  • Added Citical Spell Gem quest at Dream Island,
  • Added new Gloomy Cook monsters on Underworld.

Thank You!