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Why should you consider buying a Premium Account?

Shadow-Illusion is free to play the game for everyone and everyone can enjoy it on our server. However, why not try to unlock some more availabilities? Premium Account can take you on adventures at a higher level than a basic account. As a premium player, you will have a chance to explore new content, have a promotion on your character, unlock more depot limits and you will be rewarded with "Happy Hours" based on your stamina. A premium account is a chance to have better fun than before.


~Premium Account Features~
Depot Limits Premium account allows you to keep 30000 items in your depot instead of 15000.
1st Promotion You will be able to buy first promotion that gives you better regeneration and an extra 10% Attack Speed
2nd Promotion You will have a chance to buy a second promotion in Underworld that gives you another 10% Attack Speed and more regeneration than before.
Island Another great opportunity to visit Premium Islands, where you can have a chance to explore new Quests and Experience Spots.
Stamina Get an extra +50% of Experience from Happy Hours if you have the green colour of stamina.


Thanks everyone for supporting our server !